Six Sigma Champions


Champions are Mid to Upper-level management responsible for supporting the Six Sigma program while ensuring it is aligned with your overall business strategy. Champions must have a conceptual understanding of the principles, tools, and techniques required to lead the Six Sigma transformation.

Course Objectives

  • Champions learn how to apply the Six Sigma concepts through hands-on experience.
  • Champions are presented an overview of Six Sigma topics, emphasizing their managerial role and responsibilities, especially with regard to Project Sponsorship and Program Development.
  • The attendees participate in a variety of Workshops, generating discussion on :
    • Factors Leading to Success.
    • Challenges to Overcome.
    • Avenues for Improvement.
    • Customer Focus.
    • Black Belt Selection.
    • Project Selection, aligned with Business Objectives.

Course Contents

  • Why Do Six Sigma.
  • How to Deploy SS.
  • Six Sigma: A Management Method
  • Training & Personnel.
  • Six Sigma Projects.
  • Project Financials.
  • Managing Projects with DMAIC.
  • Change Management / Teams.
  • Incorporating Voice of the Customer.
  • Design for Six Sigma.

Course Duration

  • 6 hrs.