Six Sigma Black Belt


Black Belts are at the core of every Six Sigma Implementation. Black Belts are the real “change agents” in a Six Sigma initiative. They will continually work towards institutionalizing the effective use of Six Sigma tools throughout their organization. Our program follows the DMAIC model and teaches the soft skills required to effectively lead projects.
Our program consists of twenty five days modules. Practical application of training is performed through each participant’s projects and reviewed throughout the program. Additionally the application of Six Sigma methodology to the different business types: Manufacturing, Development, and Transactional processes are emphasized.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to significantly increase profitability through Six Sigma projects.
  • Participants will learn how to apply statistical methods for business process improvement using Minitab software.
  • Communicate the benefits of Six Sigma as a business strategy across the organization.
  • Select and coordinate successful Six Sigma projects and project teams.
  • Become effective team leaders in the six sigma projects.
  • Participants will practice Six Sigma methodology by completing two Six Sigma projects in their own organization.

Course Duration

  • 150 hrs