Customized Project Management

As an effective project manager, you organize scarce resources, work under tight deadlines, control project change and generate maximum team performance. You will have an idea about how to implement project management processes, develop leadership skills and respond to real-world scenarios.
 You Will Have an Idea About How To
  • Produce a project plan for successful delivery.
  • Plan and run projects using best practices in a 6-step project management process.
  • Implement risk management techniques and mitigation strategies.
  • Estimate and schedule task work and duration with confidence.
  • Implement monitoring tools and controls to keep you fully in command of the project.
  • Recognize and practice the leadership skills needed to run a motivated team.
Course Fundamentals
  • Developing of the Inventory control sense for the participants.
  • Application of an Efficient, low cost operations.
  • Project Management knowledge.
  • Project Monitoring.
  • Formal structure of projects.
  • Project Document.
  • Project Scope.
  • The Project life cycle.
  • Defining the project and project scope.
  • The work breakdown structure.
  • Managing time.
Course Duration
  • Full Day, from 9AM to 5 PM